Experience of making Udon and taking the trolley train in Kyoto.

Experience of making Udon and taking the trolley train in Kyoto.
※ お問い合わせ・ご連絡はイベント主催者さまへお願いします ※

2016年06月26日(日) 10:00〜13:00| KYOCA 3階 hacoba| 参加費:¥1500| 食, くらし, 教育, 環境

This is an invitation to a one-day trip of Kyoto.

We are making Udon(うどん), taking amazing-view trolley train, and visiting Arashiyama(嵐山) in Kyoto, enjoy chatting, exchanging what we feel, think, and are impressed at.

・Date: 26 Jun. (Sun.)

・Place: JR Kyoto Station (Detailed Place will be notified later.)

※ Kyoto Station is
- 30 mins train ride from Osaka Station (Tokaido Kyoto Line)
- 6 mins train ride from Shijyo Station (Subway Karasuma Line)

※ Train Map is available at:

※ Kyoto station Bus Stop of Kyoto City Bus
(You can find buses to get there from almost any places in Kyoto, including Kawaranachi Shijyo.)

※ Bus Map is available at:
http://www2.city.kyoto.lg.jp/koho/eng/access/img/pdf/ENG150321(map)0309.pdf ※ If you are not sure how to get to the station, feel free to send us a message


We will ask you to share the expense needed to rent a kitchen space (1500 yen) and buy the ingredients.

Please pay for yourself for local transportation including the trolley train and the admision for temples.

■Experiences that are waiting for you

① Making Udon (うどん作り体験)
the expense needed to rent a kitchen space and ingredients: 1500yen

② Lunch
We will make Udon from flour and eat it!

We are planning to eat one more menu, which has not been decided yet.

③Take trolley train (トロッコ列車)
We are taking the trolley train from Torolley-Kameoka station(トロッコ亀岡駅) to Torolley-Arashiyama station(トロッコ嵐山駅). You can enjoy an amazing view along the Hozu river.

◾️Fare for JR:¥320
(From Kyoto station to Umahori station, which is the nearest station to change for the trolley train.)
◾️Fare for trolley train: ¥620
(From Torolley-Kameoka station to Torolley-Arashiyama-station)

④ Bamboo forest(竹林の道)

We are walking through an elegant walking trail of 100 meters long surrounded by straight-growing bamboos.

The Zen temple Tenryu-ji was founded at the site of the emperor Go-Saga's Kameyama Imperial Villa by Muso Soseki so that Ashikaga Takauji could comfort the spirit of the emperor Go-Daigo. Don't miss the temple's stroll-style garden with a pond that shows off the beauty of the four seasons against the backdrop of Arashiyama and Kameyama.

Admission: Garden ¥500
(additional ¥100 to visit other halls; ¥500 to visit the Teaching Hall)

This bridge is a symbol of Arashiyama.
For a stretch of river extending 200 meters upstream and downstream from the bridge, the waterway is known as the Oi River. Further upstream, it becomes the Hozu River; further downstream, the Katsura River.