〒600-8841 京都府京都市下京区朱雀正会町1–1

京都市バス 205号系統、208号系統、33号系統、特33号系統「梅小路公園前」バス停留所より徒歩2分

1-1 Sujakushokaicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

13 minutes on foot from JR San’in Main Line, Tambaguchi Station
20 minutes on foot from JR Shinkansen Kyoto Line, Kyoto Station


京都駅 Kyoto Station
日本有数の観光都市である京都市の玄関となる駅であり、東海道新幹線の全列車が停車するほか、JRには北陸・山陰・関西空港・南紀方面、近鉄には奈良・橿原神宮・伊勢志摩など、各地を結ぶ特急列車が発着します。 This station serves as the entrance to Kyoto, Japan's leading tourist city. Other than being a stop for all trains on the Tokaido Shinkansen line, limited express trains connecting to various places arrive and depart; JR has trains for Hokuriku, Sanin, Kansai Airport, and Nanki, and Kintetsu has trains for Nara, Kashihara Jingu, Ise Shima, etc.
京都市中央卸売市場 Kyoto Central Wholesale Market
It is about a two-minute walk from Kyoca Kaikan.
Every day at the Kyoto Central Wholesale Market, seasonal fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, etc., are gathered at this location.
梅小路公園 Umekoji Park
梅小路公園は、京都市下京区観喜寺町、八条坊門町、梅小路頭町にまたがる市営の都市公園。イベントなどの催しものも多く、京都で最も利用者数の多い公園です。 Umekoji Park is an urban municipal park extending into Kyoto city's Shimogyo-ku Kankiji-cho, Hachijobomon-cho, and Umekojikashira-cho. There are many social gatherings, such as events, and it is the park with the largest user base in Kyoto.
京都鉄道博物館 Kyoto Railway Museum
梅小路蒸気機関車館が拡張・リニューアルを行い2016年にオープンしました。数多くの蒸気機関車が収蔵・展示されています。 An establishment composed of the "Steam Locomotive Exhibition Hall", which was used as a fan-shaped warehouse as well as a turntable in the former Umekoji machinery district, and the "Materials Exhibition Hall", which is the former Nijo Station building dismantled and restored.
京都リサーチパーク(KRP) Kyoto Research Park (KRP)
KRPが管理する1号館 - 9号館及びスタジオ棟、KRPガスビルのほか、現在は300社を超える企業が入居し、京都のネットワーク基盤の拠点にもなっています。 Other than the KRP-managed buildings 1-9, the studio building, and the KRP gas building, currently more than 300 businesses have moved in, and it also serves as the location of Kyoto's network base.
島原 Shimabara
京都市下京区に位置する花街の名称。正式名は西新屋敷といい、6つの町で構成されている。島原は1976年に京都花街組合連合会を脱会し、現在は輪違屋のみが茶屋営業を行っています。 This is the title of the red-light district located in Kyoto city's Shimogyo-ku. Its formal name is Nishishinyashiki, and it is configured into six areas. In 1976, Shimabara withdrew from the Hanamachi Union Association, and currently the tea house business is conducted only in Wachigaiya.
京都水族館 Kyoto Aquarium
2012年3月14日に開業した内陸型水族館であり、日本初の完全な人工海水利用型水族館です。オープンして3ヶ月で100万人突破し、1年で200万人の目標を大きく上回っています。 This inland aquarium, which opened on March 14, 2012, is the first aquarium in Japan to use completely artificial sea water. It surpassed one million people in its first three months, and is greatly exceeding its goal of two million people a year.
西本願寺 Nishi Honganji Temple
堀川通花屋町にある西本願寺の正式名称は「龍谷山 本願寺」であり、お西さんという愛称でも親しまれています。 Located in Horikawa-dori Hanaya-cho, Nishi Honganji's formal name is "Ryukokuzan Honganji", and it is also affectionately nicknamed Onishi-san.
東本願寺 Higashi Honganji Temple
烏丸通七条にある東本願寺の正式名称は「真宗本廟」であり、お東さんという愛称でも親しまれています。 Located in Karasuma-dori Shichijo, Higashi Honganji's formal name is "Shinshu Honbyo", and it is also affectionately nicknamed Ohigashi-san.